The ZigZag Questionnaire: JJ Martin
Milan through a stranger's eyes: the Los Angeles-born queen of vintage offers a fresh take on her adoptive city
missoni heritage
The first Missoni zigzag
The first zigzag pattern appeared in the Missoni Fall/Winter 1967 collection
fashion video
Eight ways to get rid of hiccups
A short by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich jokes about hiccups, playing with new clothes from the Women’s Fall 2015 collection
missoni heritage
Lurex and Shadow Puppetry
The story of a piece from 1966 that is on display at MA*GA in Gallarate. It was created for the first Missoni fashion show, held in a puppet theatre in Milan
Girl's dress
first row
People at the show
What guests wore to the Missoni Men’s Summer 2016 show
Team Missoni
Racing in missoni
Three amazing motorcycles will run in Missoni “outfits” during the Misano Superbike race
missoni heritage
Titian’s patchwork
The story of a men’s sweater created in 1971 for an Oliviero Toscani feature. It was later associated with the colours used by painter Titian and is now on show at the MA*GA museum in Gallarate
Fall 2015 Windows
A preview of the Missoni boutique windows featuring the Fall/Winter 2015 collections
Short-sleeved polo
missoni men
The Zigzag Questionnaire: Ruggero Pietromarchi
Interview with Ruggero Pietromarchi, one of the heads of Terraforma Festival which starts today at Villa Arconati in Milan
missoni heritage
Milano Sympathy
Back to the Missoni roots. A brief story behind a look from 1958 on show at MA*GA Museum in Gallarate for MISSONI, L’ARTE, IL COLORE
Il Pellicano gets Missonified
Missoni served as a special partner to Il Pellicano for the 50th anniversary of the historic hotel
missonic recipe
A refreshing but classic dessert is the recipe selected by Gnam Box from the Missoni family's archive
missoni heritage
A brief history of the origins of Missoni’s patchwork, a technique halfway between art and fashion