missoni men
Jean-Sebastien Pougnand
The French-Congolese musician, fashion consultant and perpetual wanderer shares some of his insight
missoni heritage
Anna Piaggi's relationship with Missoni originated some of the late fashion editor's most playful work
missoni heritage
Not just Bikinis
One of the most photographed Missoni looks from 1974, which was already shown at the Whitney and the Rotonda della Besana in Milan, can once again be seen at the MISSONI, L’ARTE, IL COLORE show
The zigzag questionnaire: Maria Host-Ivessich
Model, It girl and video maker Maria Host talks fashion and style with Missoni Moments
missoni heritage
Zigzag at the pool
A 1968 Missoni Summer dress becomes the symbol of a fashion revolution after hitting the runway at the Solari pool in Milan
how they wear it
the best Instagram looks with clothes from Missoni Fall and Winter 2015
missoni heritage
Prints and fringes in Capri
A summer dress with Oriental-inspired prints and long fringes sets Missoni apart in Capri in 1971
The zigzag questionnaire: Clotilde D’Urso de Kersauson
A chat with the Parisian bohemian about happiness, colour and family tradition 
missoni heritage
Diana Vreeland's striped dress 
Diana Vreeland, the historic Vogue Editor-in-Chief, was won over by a colourful striped Missoni dress
Beach towel
Best editorials: Women’s Fall 2015
A feminine look for the Women’s Fall and Fall Beachwear Collection in magazines worldwide
missoni heritage
The Missoni zigzag goes global
It was back in 1973 when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni received the Neiman Marcus Award, the “Oscar” of fashion
The ZigZag Questionnaire: JJ Martin
Milan through a stranger's eyes: the Los Angeles-born queen of vintage offers a fresh take on her adoptive city
missoni heritage
The first Missoni zigzag
The first zigzag pattern appeared in the Missoni Fall/Winter 1967 collection
fashion video
Eight ways to get rid of hiccups
A short by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich jokes about hiccups, playing with new clothes from the Women’s Fall 2015 collection