Missoni Men Winter 2016: a peek backstage
Pictures from our Sunday 17 January show
Cicciobello in Missoni
Missoni created a special outfit for Cicciobello, the iconic doll born in the sixties that has been re-edited for the charity project in collaboration with Vogue Bambini. Cicciobello, beloved by several generations of children, will be clad in a pastel-toned knitted outfit on the occasion of Cicciobello Fashion Walk, a special exhibition held during Pitti […]
first row
People at the show
The guests in attendance at the men’s winter 2016 show
Cardigan Men
The London-born musician talks to us about music and style
Resort 2016: Friulane
A new spin on Friulane shoes for the Women’s Spring 2016 collection
ricette missoniche
Mascarpone cream
This pudding goes perfectly with the classic Milanese panettone: here's the latest recipe from the Missoni family and Gnam Box
ricette missoniche
Pumpkin risotto
An easy and traditional risotto for Christmas: Pumpkin risotto is the recipe selected by Gnam Box from the Missoni's family archive
in boutique
The Ultimate Missoni Dress
Angela Missoni has chosen to revisit a Missoni dress from 1997 for the launch of the new Missoni Eau de Parfum
missoni feeling
An illustrated Eau de Parfum
What makes a Missoni perfume special? Here are the interpretations of a few illustrators
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Coq au vin
A second French-inspired dish takes centre stage in this new Missoni family recipe created by Gnam Box
Il Natale dei 100 Alberi d'Autore
Missoni is participating in Associazione Sergio Valente’s initiative with an iconic tree
Missoni meets Paolo Sorrentino
Angela Missoni chose Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino to direct the new commercial for MISSONI Eau de Parfum, starring actress and host of the 72nd Cinema Festival in Venice, Elisa Sednaoui
Thanksgiving: family portrait
What to wear and how to survive the traditional family meal in style
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Mushroom Soup
Mushroom soup is the first recipe resulting from the collaboration between Gnam Box and Missoni. Discover the ingredients as well as Missoni Home tableware by Richard Ginori
missoni heritage
The Wizard Machine
Still today, Missoni has a positive attitude towards new technologies that can become and additional tool for knowledge and creativity