Missoni Men’s Winter 2016: Best Features
A roundup of the best fashion editorials featuring our Men’s Winter 2016 collection
Missoni Women’s Winter 2016: Best Features
A roundup of all the best fashion spreads featuring our Winter 2016 collection
Japan Orfeo
Missoni is back on the stage with costumes for the Japanese re-interpretation of Claudio Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo
Moving Patterns
Missoni Women’s Summer 2017 as seen by Diego Soprana
Missoni Dinner
Pictures from the after-show dinner, with a guest of honour: Pat Cleveland
front row
People at the Show
Who was who at our Milan Fashion Week show on 25 September
Missoni Women
Leandra Medine
A chat with the Man Repeller founder and maverick fashion blogger
Missoni Women
Irene is good
Around Paris with Miss Kim who conquered the digital world with her unmistakable rainbow hair
missoni feeling
Queen of excentricity: Anna Piaggi and Missoni, a lifelong friendship
A legend of the Italian fashion world, a woman whose fearlessness and impeccable taste helped shape the look and feel of Italian style. Anna Piaggi, a woman who devoted her life to writing about fashion in a truly revolutionary way, a true pioneer and a style icon, is the subject of a documentary by Alina […]
missoni heritage
Missoni Women’s Summer 2017: inspiration
Our Winter 1997 collection is part of the inspiration for Missoni Women’s Summer 2017
save the date
Missoni at VFNO 2016
Missoni takes part in Vogue's annual event with a limited-edition keyring
missoni men
Capturing the essence of NYC streets: Mordechai Rubinstein
A conversation about routine, permanent style and - of course - zig zags with the “garmentologist" who portrays the most interesting characters on the streets of New York City
Women’s Fall 2016: Best Features
A roundup of the best fashion spreads featuring our Fall 2016 collection
Missoni Women
Cipriana and TK Quann
A chat with the co-founder of Urban Bush Babes and her identical twin sister
missoni men
Volcano Extravaganza 2016: Orfeo Tagiuri
A chat with the up-and-coming artist about his vision, art and his contribution to the Stromboli event
Missoni Women
Volcano Extravaganza 2016: Joana Escoval
We talked with the Portuguese artist about art, energy and that peculiar Strombolian atmosphere
Missoni Women
Volcano Extravaganza 2016: Camille Henrot
A look back on this year’s edition of the international art event co-curated by Camille Henrot and Milovan Farronato
Missoni Winter 2016 Campaign
A closer look at Harley Weir’s campaign for Missoni’s newest collection
missoni heritage
Diana Rigg: from 70’s style icon to Games of Thrones success
Meet the British Actress that has always been in love with Missoni since her early days
Women’s Summer 2016: Best Features
The Summer Collection 2016 interpreted by International Magazines