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The key pieces to borrow from your boy this summer
Missoni supports The Circle Italia
Proceeds from the sale of the pink pussy hats that appeared on Missoni Women’s Winter 2017 go towards the international organization founded by Annie Lennox
Missoni Moments Making Magic

It started with a stripe

A freedom-loving fantasia and the very first Missoni monochrome print

Well-defined and worldly, stripes have always been a buzzword in Missoni’s visual vocab. In circulation from the start 1952, this is one of the gold club founding members of the Missoni print repertoire. It all came about as Ottavio’s very first machine –bought to make uber fine super chic tracksuits by the way – could only produce knits in stripes or block colors. As luck would have it, the Missonis had a natural affinity to these gorgeous graphic lines and the rest is history! Stay true to their style by layering and contrasting them with solid colors, dots and diamonds or take a leaf out of the Italian Vogue 1975 playbook and wear them one over the other for a sporty take on a true classic.