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You’re Invited to Angela Missoni’s Classic Christmas Party

When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? More family members in the house than chairs to put them on; plates piled high with treats you’ve been unashamedly fantasising about all year; a Christmas tree, so heavy with sparkling ornaments it’s in danger of toppling over onto the present pile. Every family has its own traditions, and here at Missoni we’re no different! So this Christmas, we thought we would share some of our closely held customs by giving you a little peek behind the curtain. You’re invited along to a stylish holiday soirée at the home of none other than Her Majesty of Hosting, Angela Missoni. Armed with an iPhone and some Christmas curiosity, here is our report from the frontline of fabulosity, a Missoni Christmas party!

As soon as we step foot through the door we are immediately bowled over by baubles! On the tree, that is. The so-sky-high-it-scrapes-the-ceiling pine tree is loaded with glass balls as big as Angela’s head. Her tree decorating method is relatively straightforward, the biggest pieces go on the bottom and the lightest on the top – simple! But unlike the trees at our houses, which are laden with popsicle stick creations we made in grade school and our moms refuse to get rid of, Angela’s ornaments are blown glass balls made in collaboration with Merano for their annual Christmas festival, all decked out in classic Missoni prints.

Moving on to the mood lighting. Classic fairy lights wound around the Christmas tree and clusters of red candles are dotted around the main room, settled on plates or in decorative cut-glass cups. Porcelain candle sticks shaped like blooming flowers and squat mushrooms act as centrepieces on the long table,with cartoonish woodland creatures perched on their arms. Not to be left lonely, there is an entire crowd of figurines relaxing on Angela’s lace tablecloth, like a little army watching us eat our holiday meal.

One gets the feeling that the attentive gallery of little sculptures are feeling a bit jealous, because the food is divine. Angela has set out a buffet for us, and in classic Missoni fashion it is bursting with colour, the standout being a deep red pomegranate and radicchio salad that almost looks too gorgeous to eat. An entire wheel of gorgonzola, crusty breads and dishes upon dishes of homemade veggies round out the night. We can barely move when the holiday panettone is ceremoniously brought out on a polka-dotted Missoni Home platter, winding down the evening with gusto.

As we leave the party, full of Christmas cheer and the kind of warm fuzzy feelings you get after spending an afternoon being doted on by all your favorite aunts, we are assured in the fact that Angela Missoni is the matriarch of merry-making. We’re already counting down to next year!