The Vreeland Bump
How American Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland Brought Missoni to America
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Anatomy of a Missoni Fan
Rising-star photographer Alvaro Beamud Cortés is known for his stark and sexy fashion shoots. We coaxed him into getting in front of the camera for once for a little one-on-one about his work, passions and memorable Missoni moments.
Missoni Moments Making Magic

High Five for 50 Years of Front Covers!

Championed by Editor Anna Piaggi, meet Missoni’s first front cover ever for Arianna magazine

A perfect pairing from the very beginning, fashion maven Anna Piaggi was always a close friend and loyal fan of Rosita and Tai’s bright, boho aesthetic. In 1967 the then-Editor of Arianna (the Italian style bible that was later to become Cosmopolitan) picked a punchy knitted sweater for her front cover. Using the energy-packed aesthetic to underpin an important moment for women, Piaggi played on the dynamic, youthful mood of the collection to illustrate the power of the new female workforce. With a special section dedicated to knitwear, both the front page and the editorial in Arianna showcased Missoni’s fresh, multi-colored movement that was sweeping through Italy and starting to cause a stir on the international fashion scene. This was also the year that the brand would make headlines with a spectacular show at the Pitti fashion week, marking their upward trajectory into the laureled fashion hall of fame.