Missoni & Luisaviaroma X The Circle Italia
Luisaviaroma and Missoni team up with The Circle Italia and artist Erica Laurell for a special charity project
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A chat with the Swiss-born, US-based visual artist

You moved to the US from Switzerland to study art and have made your home there. What is your relationship with your homeland and what is the art scene like in Switzerland?

Switzerland will always be my home, it is where I was born and raised. My family and lots of my close friends live there and I enjoy coming back as much as my work allows me to. There is a vibrant and diverse art scene in Switzerland with a lot of cultural and historical depth.

If you had to name three things that inspire you, what would they be and why?

The people who surround me, dreams that come to me almost every night and play like movies in my head and the realm between the physical and the metaphysical.

How important was formal training in your growth as an artist?

Formal training was (and is) essential for me personally, I attended the Liceo Artistico in Zurich when I was 15 and knew I wanted to get a Fine-Arts-based college degree after. I have always thrived in an environment of creative and intellectual vigor and enjoy learning and immersing myself into artistic challenges.

What is your favorite technique and why?

I like to dabble in all sorts of different techniques and learning new ones. Keeps things interesting…

You have done a lot of commercial work. Do you find there is a difference when you work for a brand, as opposed to art as a means of self-expression that is not immediately connected to its commercial value? Is the art that you do for work in any way different from the art you do for yourself?

Most of my more commercial work and brand collaborations are based on my personal work. In that respect it is all interconnected. I make things because it’s what naturally happens, the rest usually falls into place. The brands I work with are companies I relate to and labels I can fully stand behind. Collaboration means creating something together that neither of us could have facilitated alone.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

To evoke emotion. To make people feel something when they see my work, to create something that resonates and moves. To inspire young humans (especially young women) and make them feel empowered to pursue a living doing what they feel passionate about in their hearts.

What is your relationship with Missoni and how do you feel wearing it?

The Missoni colors, patterns, silhouettes and general brand attitude really resonate with me. The great amount of creative thought, passion, time and energy that goes into every single piece is palpable when wearing Missoni.