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Diana Rigg: from 70’s style icon to Games of Thrones success
Meet the British Actress that has always been in love with Missoni since her early days. Now Diana after a long career of success has gained lots of success playing Olenna in Games of Thrones
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Vision in colors: Missoni and Signac
Patchworks, stripes and squares electro mélange graphism send us back exactly to those "On the water Reflections" that characterize the Impressionist movement and the great painter Paul Signac’s work
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The flowers of August

It's a strange, damp summer and even the flowers in Rosita Missoni's Sumirago gardens seem to hide a coded message

How will we remember this summer, the summer we stayed indoors or went out only to be surprised by a sudden downpour and have to run for cover, the summer of never really being warm, the summer of no summer?


Most likely, we will remember it because of something we did or people we met, places we’ve been and flowers we smelled. Some things will endure, like rose bushes that never fail to flower year in, year out; others will disappear, like the dwarf morning glory (Convolvolus Tricolor), which must be re-planted each season. Other varieties of morning glory will, like this summer, conceal a hidden treasure: the seeds of the campanula were used as hallucinogens by the Aztecs (it goes without saying: do not attempt to go Aztec).


Some things will surprise us with their simple beauty, like zinnias, garden balsam (Impatiens Balsamina) and the tall, impressive hypericum. Others will look a lot more exotic than they are, like the wild hibiscus, which grows easily in the outdoors.


Whatever happens, may the weather will be the last thing on our mind when we look back upon this year: let’s make the most of the summer!


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