In recognition of Missoni’s 60th anniversary, the men’s A/W 2013 collection looks to the family’s artisanal knitwear heritage while continuing its constant focus on innovating exclusive knit techniques. This is represented in the unique Missoni fine loom knits only made in Sumirago, Italy that form the core of the brands tailored offering for A/W 2013.
This season’s colour palette takes inspiration from the great North American landscape, of particular reference is the colour changes of the weathered rock faces of the deserts, mountains and coastlines. Slate greys, anthracite, subdued silvers with dark algae green are inspired by the dramatic scenery of Alaska. Dark blue and aquamarine are representative of the crashing Pacific Ocean against the North Western coastline. Dark burgundy, terracotta, burnt amber and sand are taken from the gradient sediment layering of the Grand Canyon.
The natural and organic textures of these regions are represented in the yarn and stitch usage, where camel hair, twisted mohair and treated water-repellent wools are inspired by the barren deserts while soft fine cashmere silks and rich pure cashmeres are representative of the fluidity of the glaciers carving through the mountains.
In relation to the landscapes, iconic American garments and patterns are present in this collection- this includes plaids and Native American inspired stripes that form wrap around cardigans, down filled gilets, fur stitch blazers, denim pieces and chambray shirts.
A special collaboration with Jean Machine creates a denim jacket and a five pocket jean with a Missoni twist. A partnership with renowned shirt makers Finamore of Napoli brings artisanal hand finished shirts. An exclusive slipper has been created by C.B Made In Italy using signature Missoni fabric, and our continuing successful partnership with Converse brings an American classic the Jack Purcell made with the next unique Missoni knit.