Gigantic pictorial patchworks by the American artist Rachel Hayes are suggestively framed by White Sands National Monument and transformed into poetic multicolored extensions of the Missoni collections and guiding themes of the new Summer 2018 Campaign.

Photographer: Harley Weir

SS18 Campaign

Conceived by Angela Missoni and shot by star fashion  photographer Harley Weir, top model Kendall Jenner appears  sinuous and filiform; resonating mystique and glamour. The face is  hidden by the extra-large, fluidly-draped brims of Missoni hats in  concentric stripes, as though they were umbrellas grazing the  shoulder and shielding her from the searing New Mexico sun.  Jenner is the protagonist, together with model Filip Roseen, in  imagery that portrays the looks from Missoni’s Women’s, Men’s and Eyewear Collections for Summer 2018.

SS18 Campaign

Above: model wears Long dress.

SS18 Campaign

Above: model wears Missoni Crew Neck and Shorts


An expression of Missoni’s language, color unfolds in iconic vertical-and-horizontal stripes as well as the heterogenous rectangles found in Rachel Hayes’ work: patchworks of soft, sensual polychromatic silk that create sumptuously fluid designs against the dazzling monocromia of the glimmering desert landscape.


They become shaded, transparent backdrops superimposed upon the azure skies painted in the background while filtering rays of sunlight; fluttering flags, billowing sails distended by the wind.
SS18 Campaign
SS18 Campaign

Above: model wears Missoni Jumper

Trails of material and tails of color generate a spectacular continuum within the garment, transforming it into a pulsating and infinite emblem.

SS18 Campaign

American artist Rachel Hayes instantly earned Angela’s admiration with her extraordinary works of art that convey an inherent understanding of the Missoni language; strong and implicit bonds between art and craftsmanship, light and colour, textile pattern and pictorial texture. She composes her works of art by uniting simple geometric shapes. Rectangular patterns of varying dimensions and colour are sewn together to create enormous canvases which are suspended in space like pulsating screens.


Patchworks of gossamery silks in intense and shaded hues are fluid and transparent, revealing the delicate interplay between the material and the overwhelming and unpredictable effects of light as it courses through the fabric; illuminating and blurring chromatic gradations while elevating the irreproducible interaction of disparate colour pairings and layers.