A group of model is playing with pouffs and pillows from the Home Collection 2023

Home Collection

The Missoni Home collection is a harmonious combination, almost a play of extraordinary design, colour and
fabrics. There is artistic energy in the iconic patterns, always coherent, profound and spontaneous. There is
design in the versatile shapes that can be mixed and matched for infinite interpretations.
The Missoni lifestyle imprint lies in the eclectic style, in the top-quality materials, and in the jigsaw patterns of
multicoloured hues. Its unrestricted design reconciles indoor & outdoor proposals, equally unmistakeable and
spectacular, providing comfort and performance quality.

The charisma of each item promotes creative ideas, adding charm to large and small spaces. To each and every room of the home. To homes, penthouses, gardens, places to relax. At any latitude.
Rosita Missoni, company founder and art director of the Home collection, says: “I see my home as a welcoming nest, an organised yet informal habitat where there should always be a surprise around the corner, something to arouse emotion and curiosity. Where every space is an oasis of colours and moods”.

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