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  • MISSONI Bracelet Brown Woman - Back
    Bracelet Brown
    US$ 420
  • MISSONI Earrings Dark green Woman - Back
    Earrings Dark green
    US$ 310
  • MISSONI Necklace Azure Woman - Back
    Necklace Azure
    US$ 480
  • MISSONI Bracelet Red Woman - Back
    Bracelet Red
    US$ 400
  • MISSONI Earrings Red Woman - Back
    Earrings Red
    US$ 240
  • MISSONI Necklace Black Woman - Back
    Necklace Black
    US$ 410
  • MISSONI Necklace Pink Woman - Back
    Necklace Pink
    US$ 410
  • MISSONI Bracelet White Woman - Back
    Bracelet White
    US$ 120
  • MISSONI Necklace Green Woman - Back
    Necklace Green
    US$ 480
  • MISSONI Bracelet Gold Woman - Back
    Bracelet Gold
    US$ 570
  • MISSONI Earrings Black Woman - Back
    Earrings Black
    US$ 310
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Missoni Women
Spring Summer 2020
Summer is a feeling, a state of being and a way of life which brings out our calm, relaxed side and encourages us to think freely and flexibly. A time for us to get in touch with nature and enjoy life out in the open. Missoni's summer collection is a foray into a way of life that is, by its very definition, carefree, playful and full of joy.