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  • MISSONI KIDS Head band Green Woman - Back
    Head band Green
    US$ 140
  • MISSONI KIDS Head band Beige Woman - Back
    Head band Beige
    US$ 120
  • MISSONI KIDS One-piece Coral Woman - Back
    One-piece Coral
    US$ 350
  • MISSONI KIDS Dress Light pink Woman - Back
    Dress Light pink
    US$ 980
  • MISSONI KIDS Dress White Woman - Back
    Dress White
    US$ 810
  • MISSONI KIDS One-piece White Woman - Back
    One-piece White
    US$ 450
  • MISSONI KIDS Short Beach Dress White Woman - Back
    Short Beach Dress White
    US$ 590
  • MISSONI KIDS Bikini Coral Woman - Back
    Bikini Coral
    US$ 290
  • MISSONI KIDS Bikini White Woman - Back
    Bikini White
    US$ 290
  • MISSONI KIDS Circlet Light pink Woman - Back
    Circlet Light pink
    US$ 160
  • MISSONI KIDS Head band Purple Woman - Back
    Head band Purple
    US$ 140
  • MISSONI KIDS Dress Coral Woman - Back
    Dress Coral
    US$ 450
  • MISSONI KIDS Leggings  White Woman - Back
    Leggings White
    US$ 360
  • MISSONI KIDS T-shirt White Woman - Back
    T-shirt White
    US$ 250
  • MISSONI KIDS Bags Salmon pink Woman - Back
    Bags Salmon pink
    US$ 270
  • MISSONI KIDS Circlet Green Woman - Back
    Circlet Green
    US$ 140
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Missoni Kids
Summer 2019
Missoni SS19 Collection: Never stop playing. Comfy, cool and care-free. Your little one’s wardrobe should be a flurry of fluid forms that adapt to the contours and movements of their body.