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  • MISSONI Coat Maroon Woman - Back
    Coat Maroon
    CAD$ 5,120
  • MISSONI Wrap Red Woman - Back
    Wrap Red
    CAD$ 1,430
  • MISSONI Jacket  Woman - Back
    Only available in boutique
  • MISSONI Jacket Blue Woman - Back
    Jacket Blue
    CAD$ 3,960
  • Coat Black
    CAD$ 7,430
  • MISSONI Jacket Orange Woman - Back
    Jacket Orange
    CAD$ 4,610
  • Coat Orange
    CAD$ 6,780
  • MISSONI Jacket Red Woman - Back
    Jacket Red
    CAD$ 4,230
  • Coat Ivory
    CAD$ 9,220
  • Jacket Light green
    CAD$ 4,320
  • MISSONI Jacket Dark blue Woman - Back
    Jacket Dark blue
    CAD$ 4,020
  • MISSONI Jacket Green Woman - Back
    Jacket Green
    CAD$ 3,530
  • MISSONI Coat Blue Woman - Back
    Coat Blue
    CAD$ 4,070
  • MISSONI Jacket Brown Woman - Back
    Jacket Brown
    CAD$ 3,680
  • MISSONI Coat Orange Woman - Back
    Coat Orange
    CAD$ 4,390
  • Coat Black
    CAD$ 6,500
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Missoni Women
Fall Winter 2019
The collection is characterized by a creative impulse that links the past and the present. Ample volumes, defined waistlines, '70s designs from the Missoni archive. An informal elegance, where airy lines become a wardrobe of jacquard coats, cloaks, jumpsuits, pantsuits and flowing dresses.