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  • MISSONI MARE Swimsuit Maroon Man - Back
    Swimsuit Maroon
    AU$ 280 instead of AU$ 560 ‎50‎% off
  • MISSONI Swimsuit Slate blue Man - Back
    Swimsuit Slate blue
    AU$ 320 instead of AU$ 640 ‎50‎% off
  • MISSONI Swimsuit Blue Man - Back
    Swimsuit Blue
    AU$ 415 instead of AU$ 830 ‎50‎% off
  • MISSONI Swimsuit Turquoise Man - Back
    Swimsuit Turquoise
    AU$ 320 instead of AU$ 640 ‎50‎% off
  • MISSONI MARE Swimming trunk Steel grey Man - Back
    Swimming trunk Steel grey
    AU$ 320 instead of AU$ 640 ‎50‎% off
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Men’s Missoni Mare
Fall Winter 2018
Inspired by patterns from the FW Pre-Collection, Missoni Mare Fall/Winter 2018 menswear features bold colors, logo prints on nylon Bermuda shorts and T-shirts in slub jersey.