Missoni Moments Stories
The zigzag questionnaire: Maria Host-Ivessich
Model, It girl and video maker Maria Host talks fashion and style with Missoni Moments
The zigzag questionnaire: Clotilde D’Urso de Kersauson
A chat with the Parisian bohemian about happiness, colour and family tradition 
The ZigZag Questionnaire: JJ Martin
Milan through a stranger's eyes: the Los Angeles-born queen of vintage offers a fresh take on her adoptive city
fashion video
Eight ways to get rid of hiccups
A short by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich jokes about hiccups, playing with new clothes from the Women’s Fall 2015 collection
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The Zigzag Questionnaire: Ruggero Pietromarchi
Interview with Ruggero Pietromarchi, one of the heads of Terraforma Festival which takes place every summer at Villa Arconati in Milan
The zigzag questionnaire: Isamaya Ffrench
Meet Isamaya Ffrench, a London-based artist who is pushing the boundaries of make up
The zigzag questionnaire: Jenna Elizabeth
The young american filmmaker/photographer's work mixes art and fashion with a romantic aesthetic
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Albert Folch
"I like to surf. I really enjoy it. It helps me handle stressful days, it helps me take care of my body and mind": Albert Folch talks about his passion for photograpy, graphic design and surf
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Audrey Marnay
An outstanding beauty, suspended between fashion and art. We met French model and fashion icon Audrey Marnay in a Parisian gallery
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Daniel George
The L.A based potter, artist, founder of streetwear label Flying Uke and surfer, shares his nuggests of wisdom on the surfing world
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Giorgia and Giulia Tordini
A chat with Giorgia and Giulia Tordini on fashion, lifestyle and relationships
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Guillaume Laout
Interview with the French dj Guillaume Laout about music, sports and nature
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Rachel Roy
We met with fashion designer Rachel Roy in her home in Los Angeles to talk about to talk about style and diversity
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Azza Yousif
A chat with Vogue Hommes International's fashion editor about street style, diversity and the evolution of male fashion
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Rebecca Dayan
A chat with the French actress and artist on fashion, art and self-expression
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Joran Briand
We chatted with the designer-surfer Joran Briand about art, creativity, surfing and being a "West-head"
The Zigzag Questionnaire: Ambra Medda
The curator talks us through how her craft penetrates her wardrobe connecting the design and sartorial dots?
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Mia Moretti
"Dangerous, Delightful, Delicate". Portrait of celebrity dj Mia Moretti
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Daria Shapovalova
It Girl has put Ukraine on the fashion map and met the Asgarda warriors
of writing and truth
the zigzag questionnaire: fatima bhutto
She comes from Pakistan's most prominent political family, but writing is her only true calling