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missoni heritage
Flashback on zigzag
The zigzag pattern, the Maison's hallmark since the '60s
MISSONI: Making Magic
A glimpse inside the brand's headquarters for a behind the scenes look at the art of Missoni knitwear
missoni heritage
Flashback on stripes
The first Missoni stripes were born because Ottavio said “with the frist machines we could only make solid or stripe knitwear”. Stripes became a faithful constant and a leitmotiv for the Missoni fashion, together with frets or jumping frets or zig-zag, a broken stripe like a thunderbolt, very cheerful and now iconic
In collaborazione con The Woolmark Company e organizzata dal museo MA*GA, la mostra MISSONI, ART, COLOUR si sposta a Londra con opening il 6 maggio 2016. La nuova esposizione comprenderà 40 dipinti di artisti europei, tra cui Gino Severini, Lucio Fontana e Sonia Delaunay, nomi che da sempre hanno influenzato l’ispirazione della Maison Missoni. Le opere […]
missoni heritage
The Wizard Machine
Still today, Missoni has a positive attitude towards new technologies that can become and additional tool for knowledge and creativity
missoni heritage
Jacquard Knit
For the 1992 F/W collection, Missoni told of a world of illustrated landscapes with capes and looks in jacquard knit.
knit waves
A tapestry revisited 
A closer look at Missoni’s storied love affair with the sea 
missoni heritage
Fur knit
At the beginning of the 1970s, Missoni experimented with knits that offered a fur effect. This is how the “fur knit” started.
A magical Halloween
The prints from the Girls’ F/W 2015 collection serve as the perfect backdrop for Halloween night
missoni heritage
Nude Look for Halloween
For Halloween, a look back at the story of the semi-transparent knit, which was the star of the much talked-about runway show at Palazzo Pitti in 1969
Conversexmissoni Mania
There are ever more fans on Instagram of Missoni’s collaboration with Converse
missoni heritage
Missoni is inspired by the African Continent to present an happening show at the San Siro stadium
missoni heritage
The beginning of the space-dyed and the looks that brought the iconic Missoni's pattern to life
missoni heritage
Missoni and the Museum of Everything
Missoni's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign took advantage of a very special setting
missoni heritage
Anna Piaggi's relationship with Missoni originated some of the late fashion editor's most playful work
missoni heritage
Not just Bikinis
One of the most photographed Missoni looks from 1974, which was already shown at the Whitney and the Rotonda della Besana in Milan, can once again be seen at the MISSONI, L’ARTE, IL COLORE show
missoni heritage
Zigzag at the pool
A 1968 Missoni Summer dress becomes the symbol of a fashion revolution after hitting the runway at the Solari pool in Milan
missoni heritage
Prints and fringes in Capri
A summer dress with Oriental-inspired prints and long fringes sets Missoni apart in Capri in 1971
missoni heritage
Diana Vreeland's striped dress 
Diana Vreeland, the historic Vogue Editor-in-Chief, was won over by a colourful striped Missoni dress
missoni heritage
The Missoni zigzag goes global
It was back in 1973 when Ottavio and Rosita Missoni received the Neiman Marcus Award, the “Oscar” of fashion