Missoni Moments MakingMagic
Ottavio’s Take on Opera
Donizetti’s Scottish shepherds (and Luciano Pavarotti!) get a Missoni makeover
Bill Cunningham & Missoni
How One of Fashion’s Most Beloved Photographers Was Also One of the Missoni’s First Fans
It Started With Stripes
How The Simple Pattern Came to Define an Empire
The Life of Lamé
Would Missoni have shot to its stratospheric heights of fame so quickly were it not for those lamé blouses strutting down the runway under the bright lights of the Palazzo Pitti in the Spring of 1967? Bra-free and baring it all, Missoni and its models stomped down the runway and into a whole new era. […]
It started with a stripe
A freedom-loving fantasia and the very first Missoni monochrome print
High Five for 50 Years of Front Covers!
Championed by Editor Anna Piaggi, meet Missoni’s first front cover ever for Arianna magazine#PressClippings
missoni heritage
Missoni Women’s Summer 2017: inspiration
Our Winter 1997 collection is part of the inspiration for Missoni Women’s Summer 2017
missoni heritage
Diana Rigg: from 70’s style icon to Games of Thrones success
Meet the British Actress that has always been in love with Missoni since her early days
missoni heritage
A vintage Uomo Vogue spread brings back the effortless cool of Missoni knitwear
Ottavio Missoni
The "space-dyed" motif, an innovative manufacturing that became a real aestetics code of Missoni fashion house
missoni heritage
Flashback on zigzag
The zigzag pattern, the Maison's hallmark since the '60s
MISSONI: Making Magic
A glimpse inside the brand's headquarters for a behind the scenes look at the art of Missoni knitwear
missoni heritage
Flashback on stripes
The first Missoni stripes were born because Ottavio said “with the frist machines we could only make solid or stripe knitwear”
In collaborazione con The Woolmark Company e organizzata dal museo MA*GA, la mostra MISSONI, ART, COLOUR si sposta a Londra con opening il 6 maggio 2016. La nuova esposizione comprenderà 40 dipinti di artisti europei, tra cui Gino Severini, Lucio Fontana e Sonia Delaunay, nomi che da sempre hanno influenzato l’ispirazione della Maison Missoni. Le opere […]
missoni heritage
The Wizard Machine
Still today, Missoni has a positive attitude towards new technologies that can become and additional tool for knowledge and creativity
missoni heritage
Jacquard Knit
For the 1992 F/W collection, Missoni told of a world of illustrated landscapes with capes and looks in jacquard knit.
knit waves
A tapestry revisited 
A closer look at Missoni’s storied love affair with the sea 
missoni heritage
Fur knit
At the beginning of the 1970s, Missoni experimented with knits that offered a fur effect. This is how the “fur knit” started.
A magical Halloween
The prints from the Girls’ F/W 2015 collection serve as the perfect backdrop for Halloween night
missoni heritage
Nude Look for Halloween
For Halloween, a look back at the story of the semi-transparent knit, which was the star of the much talked-about runway show at Palazzo Pitti in 1969