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Uchiwa Fan Lamps

Name, aesthetics and materials purloined from the Far East, combined with sleek German-style design, are just a few of the hallmarks of the Uchiwa 1 Floor Lamps created by Ingo Maurer, theatrical elements from the shots recounting the Spring 2014 collection.
Created in the early 70s for M Design and made of bamboo and wicker, these lamps are part of a lighting series inspired by the world of Japanese fans and their elegance, lightness and simplicity.


They evoke an ancient world, a tradition going back thousands of years that originated in China and spread throughout Asia, differing in every country in terms of use, materials and portrayals.
It was during the Ming Dynasty that the fan became popular, and in Japan the uchiwa was used by both the army and in theatre: as a means of communication or even a weapon in the first case, and as a dance instrument in the second.


One of the most common objects in the world becomes a central furnishing item, or one that can be used together with other elements from the series to create a delicate interplay of lights but in the foreground, needing nothing else.


The setting created for the images of the collection, with a colonial flavour thanks to the lightness of the bamboo, enhances the concept of fashion that allows itself to be inspired by real and imaginary journeys in space, time, geography and the imagination.


Irene Tamagnone