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The Zigzag Questionnaire: Ambra Medda

The curator talks us through how her craft penetrates her wardrobe connecting the design and sartorial dots?

Born in Greece, the birthplace of classic order, and raised in a home that doubled as a salon, Ambra Medda’s history is saturated in design. Founder of Design Miami/ and of L’Arcobaleno design website, Ambra’s considerable sensibility runs seamlessly from her work to her wardrobe, which she assembles with a sharp collector’s eye. We sat down to discuss how the design and fashion worlds connect in her life.

What is your earliest memory of design?

Traveling, going to the flea market in Paris very early in the mornings, going to auctions and designers constantly coming over to the house to discuss exhibitions. My mother had a design gallery so I was exposed to design very early on in my life.

You’ve had an interdisciplinary career, connecting design to fashion, art, and more. Have you always instinctively viewed design in this way?

I love the possibilities resulting from the crossover of different fields. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I know there’s endless talk these days about cross-pollination and collaboration but that is because they are so valuable and exciting. When a fashion designer and artist collaborate or when a technology designer collaborates with a musician, the outcome is totally surprising and magical.

The design world has grown increasingly appealing to celebrities. How do you feel about celebrities trying their hand at design?

Just like in any other field, that experiment can go very well or sadly wrong. It depends on the celebrity and his or her capabilities. And most of all, it depends on what their motivation is. But I welcome a bit of glamour in the design world. We need it.

Do you build your wardrobe as a collector would grow an art or design collection or do you consume fashion more quickly?

I treat clothes and accessories like my own design collection and I display things for a while in different parts of the house and then I get bored and switch things around. I create little exhibitions. One dress was hanging in the hallway because I was considering wearing it and then changed my mind and thought, ‘I’m going to leave this out and look at it for a few days.’ So I’ll leave it hanging in the corridor so I can appreciate the detail, the colours and the shape.

What was the last piece of design that you’ve purchased?

A really beautiful Indian rug in deep green.

When you think of Missoni, what is your favourite design period for the fashion house?

Right now!


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