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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Sophie Pera

Town & Country's fashion editor's take on sequins and humour

Sophie Pera knows fun when she sees it. From her love of sequins and wigs to never taking herself too seriously, the French-American fashion editor of Town & Country gave us a piece of her mind on style, colour and cool.



What are you doing right now? (Or rather, what were you doing before you started answering our questionnaire?)


Making myself a double espresso over ice. My favorite drink.



Colour: less is more or more is more?

It all depends! I usually just go with how I’m feeling. Some days it’s a leopard pants, red sequin coat kind of day and other times I just want to wear black leather pants and a white t-shirt.



The choice of vintage clothes is now what separates the true fashionista from the fashion parvenu. How do you stand on vintage and how do you go about finding the best pieces?

I absolutely adore vintage clothing and going through vintage markets and stores is one of my favorite things to do. It’s always an adventure and nothing beats the feeling of discovering a wonderful unique piece. As with most things, I go by instinct and I can usually pinpoint right away what interests me.




The platinum wig is cool. Tell us about the platinum wig.

I’ve always loved a wig. I’ve been known to just throw one on for the night. Love the pearly white colour.



What’s the last song that got stuck in your head although you didn’t really like it much?

An old song I love called Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp. I can’t get it out of my head.

In pictures, you come across as casual and approachable, with a hint of goofiness. How much of this is true?

What’s fun about taking yourself too seriously?



Your style icons are…

David Bowie for his androgynous and fearless style. Lauren Bacall because well, she was just too divine. Cool and strong enough to be one of the boys yet incredibly feminine at the same time. And you can’t beat Steve McQueen for the ultimate cool.



Give us one beauty tip you swear by.

Love and take care of yourself. And never leave the house without mascara.



What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Impossible question because I am very attached to quite a few pieces. The item that means the most to me is my vintage lace and sequin dress that my mother got me at Didier Ludot in Paris. It was my first important piece and still one of the most beautiful things I own. Right now though I am obsessed with my vintage red sequin coat. The beadwork is incredible and it’s warm and shiny.



When and where was your first time in Missoni and how did it make you feel?

As a teenager, I used to have a fabulous teeny weeny bikini that I adored. I wish I still had it. It screams summer.



Pantyhose (or tights): with or without? Do you ever do the unseasonably bare legs thing?

I usually prefer a bare leg.



Princess or warrior?

Warrior all the way.


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