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Super! Style! Snapchat!

Mordecai Rubinstein, aka Mr. Mort, is Missoni's Man of the moment and our new Snapchat style scout

In the first installment of our conversation with Mordechai Rubinstein we discussed his daily routine and what usually strokes his eyes.

Enojy the rest of the conversation.


So tell me about that lady in Missoni that you met the other day.

I was walking out of a bakery and this lady walked by in a mismatched zigzag. In my mind I immediately thought about Missoni, maybe it was a collaboration or maybe was just a knockoff. She wasn’t a fashion woman, she wasn’t an older woman nor a younger one, she looked like a regular middle aged woman that takes care of herself, And I can’t help myself when someone walks by, I have to say something if I like it so I said “WOW that Missoni dress is amazing!”. She turned around and she smiled and she said “Thank you so much”.


You really make people happy.

 Really it’s my favorite part of what I do. Best best best reward is to make someone smile.


Let’s talk about your wardrobe. Is there any garment you’d keep forever?

I try so hard to get rid of some of the stuff I own right now because I still buy vintage but I don’t wear so much of it. I still buy second hand but I don’t wear so much of it. Probably there’re some religious items like the yamuka that my grandmother did for me that I’ll never get rid of. In terms of clothing, I lately find myself getting rid of stuff I never thought I would but if a fire happens right now what I’d be most upset to lose or to be ruined it would be my wedding pants.


I really would love to have a uniform, a set of identical stuff that I wear every day no matter what. That would make answering this question a lot easier.

I wish that too. That would make the whole life much easier. You don’t have to think about what to wear when you wake up in the morning. And when I think about uniform I think about different versions of it: firefighter, policemen, mailmen…sure these are the obvious types of uniform. But I also think about the lawyers, the doctors that are going to work with the same suit every single day. And I also think about Hasidic Jews: my father wears black and white every day and he doesn’t think “what shoes am I going to match, what tie am I going to match?”.


I have a last question which is almost my curiosity and I really wann ask. What’s that thing with the mustard?

I love yellow mustard, we didn’t have fancy condiments at home when I grew up. These times, when you go to the restaurant, they only have fancy mustard and not regular yellow ones. One day for my birtheday a friend of mine painted a birthday card of the mustard. When I needed a logo for Mr Mort I wanted a mustard logo. When I made my oxford shirt I embroidered a mustard stain because I like things that are slightly imperfect. You make it your own, that’s the beauty of that.

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Text by Enrico Grigoletti

Photo by Alessadro Simonetti