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Stocking Stuffer with Georgia Tal

Say Hello To Sandals In The Snow!

Too blustery to go bare-toed but can’t bear to break out your boots? We asked stylist extraordinaire Georgia Tal to save the day for all you all-season sandal lovers out there. As fashion editor at Vogue Accessories, Georgia Tal has elevated hosiery to the highest level. Mix this minx with Missoni knits and you’ve got a match made in heaven. If anyone was going to get a knighthood for their service to knee-highs it would be gorgeous Georgia.

Take a hint from Georgia: don’t exile your espadrilles when the first bite of frost hits. Wrap those toes in wooly socks and stay snuggly warm all season. Feeling a bit draughty in your peep-toes? Technicolor stripes will have you toastier than chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Trust us, there is no better stocking-stuffer for the girl in your life with the gorgeous gams than, you know, actual stockings.

Grazie, Georgia!

Photo by Chiara Quadri