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A chat with the Swiss-born, US-based visual artist
Missoni Winter 2017’s necklaces come to Capri and Positano
The unique statement pieces made by artist and jewelry maker Joseph Meo for the collection are now available exclusively at Missoni boutiques on the Gulf of Naples
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Stealing hearts this season, Mr. Snowman knows how to rock a knit

Have you ever been introduced to your dream man, only to find him a bit… frosty? You’ll be looking longingly into his coal black eyes as he slowly takes a drag from his corncob pipe, and realise: you’re not the only one melting.

You guessed it, we’re talking about our number one seasonal style crush, Frosty the Snowman! Because who looks better wrapped in the chunky, oversized knits of this season than our favorite frozen dude. If you’re feeling a bit chilly let’s hope he’s a gentleman and lends you something soft, like Missoni’s signature scarves, which have been stretched extra long to swathe even the most substantial snowperson. Or, the larger than life woollen beanies that will warm even the coldest of crowns. If you’re craving something cosy, and accessories aren’t enough, consider kidnapping his oversized cardigan in technicolour space-dyed yarn, the thicker the better.

So don’t worry, if your holiday romance ends up in a puddle come spring, at least your closet can keep you warm – Discover our selection here!