The Vreeland Bump
How American Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland Brought Missoni to America
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Anatomy of a Missoni Fan
Rising-star photographer Alvaro Beamud Cortés is known for his stark and sexy fashion shoots. We coaxed him into getting in front of the camera for once for a little one-on-one about his work, passions and memorable Missoni moments.
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Little Princess

A little Missoni lover’s letter to the North Pole

Dear Santa,

I have been good – really good. I didn’t hit my brother this week AND I even left you some cookies and milk on the table instead of eating them all myself. For Christmas I would like everything with ZIG ZAGS…pretty please!!!! In pink because it is my favorite colour. Please can I also have a tiered tutu and a striped knit hat for playing in the snow when I skip school.

Thank you for making me such nice things. I hope you’re happy in your igloo at the North Pole! Merry Christmas!



Minnie Missoni

Say Ciao to Rudolf from me. <3 <3