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Leandra Medine
The best fashion blogs are the ones that are about so much more than clothes. Leandra Medine’s creation, Man Repeller, was a dissident from the start: from its tongue-in-cheek name to its focus on personal expression and body positivity, the blog was always the answer to a silent question.   Let us state up front […]
Missoni Women
Irene is good
Dubbed by Womenswear Daily as fashion’s “It Girl,” Irene Kim represents a new generation of industry influencers who are transforming the marketplace and inspiring today’s vivacious millennials. Irene began as a student at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology before exploring opportunities in modeling, styling, and digital content creation, all of which helped elevate her notoriety across […]
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June flowers

Nature in the summer is pure magic: here's our herbarium from the Missoni garden for the first month of the warmest season

Summer flowers are pure magic. As the year moves on from fertility to harvest, nature becomes increasingly wilder, luxuriant and in some cases more aggressive than before.


Take the Acanthus Moli, or bearsfoot, an invasive plant with rough, spiky ears and exploding podseeds that shoot spores all over the garden.
Nature in the summer is vivid, showy, excessive. The flowers of the Buddleja Davidii, also known as butterfly-bush, are perpetually covered in fluttering butterflies that make it look like a living, shivering otherworldy creature.


Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are pretty in a way that is almost exotic, with their long stems and flashy colours; the many varieties of hydrangea (Hortensia) never fail to satiate the eye, as does the Rosita Rose, which differs from the Ottavio (featured in our May herbarium) by being a lighter red with darker-yellow stripes.


Missed any blooms? See the previous flowerings:



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