The ZigZag Questionnaire: Albert Folch
"I like to surf. I really enjoy it. It helps me handle stressful days, it helps me take care of my body and mind": Albert Folch talks about his passion for photograpy, graphic design and surf
Anna Betbeze
Currently on display at London’s Luxembourg & Dayan gallery, New York-based artist Anna Betbeze’s textural works give a new context to ordinary objects
Missoni Moments Making Magic

Jewellery Made in Italy

Deanna Farneti Cera racconta l'influenza del made in Italy nelle produzioni di gioielli degli ultimi cento anni: tra questi anche divertenti bijou vintage Missoni

This autumn, a stunning examination of fashionable Italian-made jewellery documenting the last hundred years of its history and significant relationship with Italian fashion has been released.



"Jewellery Made in Italy" moves chronologically through time illustrating the amazing work of designers and artisans through images taken from exclusive fashion magazines, wonderfully nostalgic ads and editorials as well as outstanding photographs of actual pieces. This book has also reserved a special place for an important trend that began in Milan in the late 1970s, a time when Italian fashion entered and dominated the international jewellery scene and Italian designers, such as Missoni, found incredible success all over the world.



Several Missoni pieces demonstrating a particularly fun and joyful approach to costume jewellery were included in the publication. Author Deanna Farneti Cera has a background in art history and ten years’ experience working in a contemporary art museum. In 1987, she organized the "Gioie di Hollywood" exhibition in Venice and was curator of "Jewels of Fantasy", an international exhibition that opened in Milan and went on to tour several European and American museums.



She is the author of many books on jewellery and costume jewellery. Her latest publication, "Jewellery Made in Italy", a beautifully executed visual monograph, is devoted to this particular area of accessories.