Missoni & Luisaviaroma X The Circle Italia
Luisaviaroma and Missoni team up with The Circle Italia and artist Erica Laurell for a special charity project
Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple
Missoni Moments Visions

Fashion & Fine Art

An ongoing retrospective of Ottavio Missoni’s contributions to the world of art

As anyone in the fashion industry knows, the line between art and craft is a thin one. So, who better than the masters of the latter to topple over the divide and unite the two in aesthetic paradise. The Missonis have a long history of artistic collaborations: from their early advertising campaigns, which were simple black and white drawings by the famed fashion illustrator Brunetta, to their recent commission of Servane Mary, “Surface Conversion“: creative director Angela Missoni latest art project which is now in their New York flagship. The family has always had their finger on the pulse of the art world. Which is why their most recent exhibition, “Marc Chagall & Ottavio Missoni: Dream & Color” curated by Luca Missoni, is such an exciting addition to this multi-generational project.

A couple of hours north of Milan, a plethora of patterns are running riot at the Archeological Museum in Sesto Calende. As Marc Chagall’s ethereal artworks rub shoulders with Ottavio Missoni’s multi-disciplinary doodles, sketches and tapestries, an eye-catching and inspiring new exhibition gets underway. Comparing and contrasting the work of these two visionaries, Luca Missoni unearths a slew of similarities in both their work and personal lives. From the romantic (they found love a continual source of inspiration) to the nomadic (they both went into exile) it’s easy to imagine these two magical men totally getting along in a hypothetical – and highly bohemian – alternative universe. A stunning explosion of inspiration, “Marc Chagall & Ottavio Missoni: Dreams & Colors” illustrates the ability of two remarkable individuals to turn dreams into a ravishing reality. Take a walk through this spectacular show and soak in a stunning celebration of color, from now until December 31.