Missoni Moments Style crush
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The key pieces to borrow from your boy this summer
Stocking Stuffer with Georgia Tal
Say Hello To Sandals In The Snow!
Matching Make-Up & Missoni
5 Looks For Stripe-Centric Beauty
Missoni at Midnight
New Years Resolutions for the Missoni-Mad Girls In Your Life
Get set to get giving!
An Under-The-Wire Christmas Gift Guide For the Forever Forgetful
Stealing hearts this season, Mr. Snowman knows how to rock a knit
Little Princess
A little Missoni lover’s letter to the North Pole
The dull days are over!
Discover a bright, brilliant way to lift those winter blues
Knit Wit with a Turban
Turbans are a fashionable hair accessory that will certainly get you noticed this Summer
spring summer 2016
Discover Missoni’s beach style for men. From the SPRING SUMMER 2016 SWIMWEAR COLLECTION
Let’s go to the beach
Before you hit the beach, get some style inspiration from these summer 2016 swimsuit lines...
Fluid silhouettes with long dresses and round neck that enhance a tribal ornament.
Coachella Festival Style
A certain bohemian flair is required and easy-chic attire is what girls need-forget about high heels or dressy outfits. While you don't need much to have a good time, if you are attending, down below are five Missoni’s pieces you should bring to Coachella or any music festival you may need to attend.
missoni dresses
Full immersion into Colours!
Watch the exclusive video and shop your look
Easter Getaway
Spring has sprung and it’s time for your first weekends away. Discover what to pack
knit of the week
A maxi multi-colour jumper for Summer
A maxi jersey jumper with a sporty-chic allure, which also becomes a caftan to wear over a tank top and a pair of shorts. A light, colorful look for the first weekend out and to start thinking about the new season.
Tribal mood in optical black and white for the long knit dress that lends modern curves and a relaxed elegance over the body. An iconic look with sophisticated graphics and soft comfort for daily life in the city and ideal for traveling with style. #missonizigzag
Cardigan Men