Missoni Moments Stories
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Albert Folch
"I like to surf. I really enjoy it. It helps me handle stressful days, it helps me take care of my body and mind": Albert Folch talks about his passion for photograpy, graphic design and surf
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Audrey Marnay
An outstanding beauty, suspended between fashion and art. We met French model and fashion icon Audrey Marnay in a Parisian gallery
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Daniel George
The L.A based potter, artist, founder of streetwear label Flying Uke and surfer, shares his nuggests of wisdom on the surfing world
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Giorgia and Giulia Tordini
A chat with Giorgia and Giulia Tordini on fashion, lifestyle and relationships
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Guillaume Laout
Interview with the French dj Guillaume Laout about music, sports and nature
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Rachel Roy
We met with fashion designer Rachel Roy in her home in Los Angeles to talk about to talk about style and diversity
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Azza Yousif
A chat with Vogue Hommes International's fashion editor about street style, diversity and the evolution of male fashion
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Rebecca Dayan
A chat with the French actress and artist on fashion, art and self-expression
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The ZigZag Questionnaire: Joran Briand
We chatted with the designer-surfer Joran Briand about art, creativity, surfing and being a "West-head"
The Zigzag Questionnaire: Ambra Medda
The curator talks us through how her craft penetrates her wardrobe connecting the design and sartorial dots?
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Mia Moretti
"Dangerous, Delightful, Delicate". Portrait of celebrity dj Mia Moretti
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Daria Shapovalova
It Girl has put Ukraine on the fashion map and met the Asgarda warriors
of writing and truth
the zigzag questionnaire: fatima bhutto
She comes from Pakistan's most prominent political family, but writing is her only true calling
wearing it
The zigzag questionnaire: Christopher Jenner
We talked to designer Christopher Jenner about colour, patterns and his favorite styles
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Sylvie Moellhausen
“How many times have we stopped in front of an artwork and found it incomprehensible?” Art lover Sylvie Moellhausen tells her story to Missoni Moments
Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone
"Spring for me begins when the mimosa outside the window of my studio starts to bloom"
cool factor
The Zigzag Questionnaire: Karl Edwin Guerre
A study in coolness: Karl Edwin Guerre lends his class to our ZigZag Questionnaire
The ZigZag Questionnaire: Sophie Pera
Town & Country's fashion editor's take on sequins and humour
The zigzag questionaire: Carolina Gawronski
"Hong Kong: all colours are here, like in Missoni!"
The ZigZag Questionaire: Mickey Boardman
"When I wear Missoni, I'm Dominique Sanda in the “Garden of the Finzi-Continis”. I'm Aristotle Onassis on his yacht."