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The Zigzag Questionaire: Alexia Niedzielski

In a world that favours the ephemeral and disposable over the permanent and durable, where the news lifecycle demands hourly updates and a hectic schedule, Alexia Niedzielski is going somewhat against the grain. The young entrepreneur and fashion icon has just started her third magazine, System, devoted to the inner workings of the fashion world: here is what she had to say about publishing and several other subjects in our random zigzag questionaire.


One of the first ten results on Google with your name are Tumblr posts of you wearing something (and we love that). What’s your relationship with your status as a fashion icon?
Today, with the rise of bloggers, everybody have their pic and outfits all over the Internet… so I’m not sure if iI can consider myself an icon! But it is nice to be recognized for your individuality, especially today in this very conformist world. I never liked trends, I think it’s always about mixing trends and finding what suits you best.


With all the talk of print being a dying medium, you’ve already started three magazines about fashion. What is it about magazines that appeals to you?
I like to touch and to collect. I believe strong imagery on a beautiful paper really creates this object of desire which I found hard to reproduce online.


Do you have a favourite colour pattern that you keep going back to?
I feel my palette constantly evolves but I always come back to the classics.


What’s the first memory of colour?
I remember running in a field of daisies in my country house in France. Nature brings the best colour palettes. nature is my number one inspiration.



Have you ever had to wear something you really hated? What was that, and why did you have to wear it? (Childhood memories do count.)
I have always been very picky with my clothes since I was very young. I remember when I was 5 years old refusing to leave the hotel room in ny to go sightseeing because I wanted to wear this huge Baby Dior dress with strawberries embroidered on it… definitely not appropriate for NY streets! So I think I never really had to wear something I didn’t like.


What do you do with clothes that are old or no longer in style? Do you hang on to them or give them away?
I try to give away or sell anything I havent worn in more than 2 years. It’s bad karma to keep stuff you don’t use!


What’s your go-to outfit for the days you don’t feel like yourself?
I avoid too much color when I’m not in a good mood and definitely wear flats.


Do you have a favourite visual artist?
Hard to pick one! For the classics, Matisse, Klimt.  Among the more contemporary, Cattelan and the young and talented Tauba Auerbach.


Name three women that inspire you, and why.
Leni Riefenstahl for her visionary approach to filming documentary and also for being able to reconvert herself so many times. My grandmother for being such an inspiration in the way she dresses and her positivity. Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin for their incredible voices.


What’s the last song you couldn’t stop singing to yourself?
The new Daft Punk song .. and it would be great if people could stop playing it everywhere I go!


Stripes, blocks or polka dots?
A bit of all is necessary.


Where do you draw the line?
Not in the middle, as I don’t like symmetry!