Missoni Dinner
Pictures from the after-show dinner, with a guest of honour: Pat Cleveland
first row
People at the Show
The collection was Missoni Women’s Summer 2017, a return to bright, relaxed minimalism for Missoni. The other seasons, however, did not go unrepresented: those who attended our Milan Fashion Week show on 25 September wore Missoni in all its nuances. Esther Queck, Virginia Galateri and Caroline Dour chose the bright geometries of our Fall 2016 […]
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Gnam Box

A social foodie project that speaks through food, Gnam Box is a place where keep our passions. The focus is to meet inspirational people using the web social power. Our kitchen has become the symbol of this conviviality and these meetings.

We welcome inspirational people in to the Gnam Box kitchen, inviting them to prepare and cook food.


(Photo by Daniele Testa)

Food reveals a lot about people and we like to learn more about a person through their food habits, their favourite ingredients and any foodie tips they have to offer us and our followers.

The first thing we wanna know about you is: what’s your favorite dish?
Food makes all equal, so is easier to speaks about ourselves and feeling like at home.

In food we trust and our recipes speak about us!