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How to be a Missoni Man
Davide Giannella, Ruggero Pietromarchi and Federico Vavassori talk to us about their personal experience of fashion and creativity in Milan.
MissoniHome x Byblos
MissoniHome x Byblos
Rosita Missoni’s latest collaboration brings Italian style to the French Riviera
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Best features for Winter 2015

The women’s winter 2015 collection as photographed by magazines from all over the world

Colorful, spontaneous and varied – this is exactly why the women’s winter 2015 collection lends itself to any kind of interpretation. It uses the trompe l’oeil effect as the highlight of looks that are ultra-feminine but have a strong personality.

Space-dyed effects and zigzags explode in fashion features for winter 2015, either mixed and matched or as head-to-toe looks, becoming the key players in stories that speak of the city as much as they do the country. Body-hugging pieces that seem like tattoos are alternated with layers of knits, for an idea of style that clearly wants to break the rules.