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The Milan-born, International Relations graduate, Catherine Poulain is a polyglot who speaks five languages and an established international model, who has appeared in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, D la Repubblica, Grazia, Donna Moderna and Elle Italy, just to name a few. Catherine has worked with a lot of fashion houses;  her passion for […]
The fabulous destiny of Catherine Poulain
Young influencers growing up. Let's meet Catherine also known as Official Cat to discover more about her style
Missoni Moments The Place To Be


Rosita and Tai’s garden tells the story of their relationship and family life: one of care, wonder and constant growth 

Missoni’s fashion and lifestyle is unquestionably defined by a colourful journey, starting with the natural landscape surrounding the Sumirago factory and the homes of the Missoni family.



Omnipresent nature and an undeniable muse, the garden surrounding Rosita and Tai’s home, is a masterpiece of blooming summer and winter flowers, multi-coloured leaves, petite flowerets and blossoms, and greenhouses full of orchids and other plants. Their garden tells the story of their relationship and family life, with trees that were planted to celebrate special anniversaries. But more than anything else, it tells the tale of a shared passion.



“Wait until you see how many flowers I planted for you this season,” said Tai, who took care of the garden, collecting dozens of gardening books to go with the drawing paper, colourful markers, yarn and textile samples in his office. Now that spring has arrived, Rosita remembers these words as she caresses the shoots and corollas of narcissus flowers and little daisies.   She continues to take care of their creations with the love and skill of a true expert. “I grew up surrounded in nature; my family’s homes have always had gardens,” she explains.



And she also does this with the charm of a chatelaine being courted, who receives flowers as a sign of affection and esteem every day. It is no coincidence that a Guernsey Lily was named after her in 1989 by Sir Peter Smithers.




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