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Ana Kras

"By playing with colours and materials, I’m able to make endless variations on a topic."

Ambra Medda knows talent when she sees it. We asked the creative mind behind Design Miami/ and online design platform L’ArcoBaleno to share one of her favorite new creators with us, and she told us we absolutely had to get to know the lovely Ana Kraš.

Boy was she right. We immediately fell in love with Ana’s charming personality and colourful, craft-driven Bonbon Lamps. The Serbian-born, New York-based designer makes each of her lights by hand-wrapping delicate lengths of thread around geometrically driven wire frames.  She’s been making the textured lamps for five years now, and still every one is unique. Ambra and Ana sat down to discuss Ana’s rising design star.


Ambra Medda: What motivates you most?

Ana Kraš: Most of my projects are very, very simple, but, by playing with colours and materials, I’m able to make endless variations on a topic. That is the most interesting thing for me. Every lamp is unique, but together they are a collection.


Ambra Medda: You’ve been out of school for about five years now. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a designer so far?

Ana Kraš: I’ve learned not to overthink anything; it’s important to just try out your ideas. If they work, they work; but if not, oh well. I always follow my feelings, and I would rather try something than feel closed off. And if it stinks, it’s ok, but it was important that it existed in the first place, because it will ultimately bring me to something else. I see all the things I make, actually, as individual words that will someday become a sort of cohesive sentence.


Ambra Medda: Watching you now, it’s pretty magical to see how you wrap the thread so methodically.  Five years in, you still really enjoy the act of making your Bonbons, don’t you?

Ana Kraš: Absolutely. That’s the thing; each one can be very different. It’s really endless; it’s like my own little playground.