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Luisaviaroma and Missoni team up with The Circle Italia and artist Erica Laurell for a special charity project
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A Zig without a Zag

It was an honour to collaborate with Missoni to create the video “A Zig Without a Zag”, featured on Hunger.Tv, for their incredible brand. What I love about Missoni – apart from their beautiful products of course – is their history, the strong family values, the craftsmanship in their approach and their sense of irony.


The background to the creative idea came from the iconic Missoni zig-zag pattern – that we all know so well.  We decided to create two characters – Zig and Zag. We find Zig alone, and she travels through worlds of polka dots, stripes, sequins, flowers…and doesn’t quite fit in anywhere. Finally, she finds herself in a room, where she meets Zag. They have a beautiful fit, and together they create that Missoni magic. It was just a simple tale that spoke to the brand heritage, but also was a great way of showcasing the stunning new season Missoni handbags – which feature throughout.

The production was no small challenge as it involved a lot of set design and bespoke costume design for all the characters. We shot it in one extremely long day, across 7 sets, in 2 London film studios, and we had the music composed especially to match the creative. I worked with a pair of art directors called Lord Whitney, who are incredibly talented and felt particularly suited to this brief as they excel in bringing to life a certain quirkiness and narrative through a very colourful and handmade approach – not dissimilar to Missoni’s approach. It was important to myself and to Lord Whitney that there was attention to detail in everything. It was a real team effort.
Missoni has a unique creative flair, and it was this approach that was a real gift in the creation of this video, as the brand was unafraid to let me push that and create something slightly unusual, colourful and endearing…something noticeable for being like nothing else in the fashion world. The industry we work in can be so serious at times, and it was a pleasure to be able to play around and create something ironic and light-hearted, while still staying true to all that Missoni stand for. I was delighted to have the opportunity.


Hope you enjoy the film!