Missoni Winter 2017’s necklaces come to Capri and Positano
The unique statement pieces made by artist and jewelry maker Joseph Meo for the collection are now available exclusively at Missoni boutiques on the Gulf of Naples
missoni men
How to be a Missoni Man
Davide Giannella, Ruggero Pietromarchi and Federico Vavassori talk to us about their personal experience of fashion and creativity in Milan.
Missoni Moments Making Magic


A journey through the evolution of Missoni patterns

Language unfaillingly up-to-date. Idiom of threads, stitches, patterns magically intriguing and instantly recognizable, which has rendered the weaves of knit as evocative, engaging, touching as a painting or a music score, Missoni celebrated its 60th anniversary with a special edition for men.


Twentyfive unique-piece folders made of woven textile and leather, which like an anthological itinerary, retrieve twentyfive paradigmatic motives. Exclusive declinations of materials, signs and colours the fashion brand has seasonally created along the years for its menswear collections, which have marked and affirmed its sophisticated unicity, its expressive freedom and versatility, its informal maverick elegance. Emblematic patchworks, stripes, waves, zigzags, squares or dots appear woven and combined in a variety of forms.


Enlarged and diminished, stratified and superimposed, they acquire always different peculiarities. Representing the distinctive touch of a language as ancestral as innovative, as reassuring as unexpected, rooted in cultures and pratices of the tradition and very contemporary in the same time, projected in the future, technologically innovative, strikingly unpredictable and varied.


Bands of strokes and hatchings, geometrical grids, collages of cuttings, modular structures, iterations and interactions of signs are transforming knit in a visionary plot, that the special edition of twentyfive unique-piece folders is documenting season after season. Sent as a gift to twentyfive key figures of international menswear, journalists, bloggers, stylists and other contemporary icons of style, they aim to become a badge of distinction. A fashion accessory and even a collectible item. A celebrative oeuvre for new fans of Missoni, today’s enthusiasts of its language unicity.





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