Small Thumbnails

  • Fall 2017

    Reclaimed and reinterpreted in a contemporary key, the unmistakable and unfailingly-novel mix & match sensibility, which lies at the core of Missoni’s DNA and has influenced the success of its fashionable knitwear, is once again present. Breathing new life into perfectly coordinated looks, tonal variations, graphic chromatic contrasts, revisited iconic patterns, exclusive techniques and innovations echo the origins of the brand. The dynamic versatility of Missoni’s put-together manner of the 70s and the glamour of its knitwear composed of small elements, recurring tonalities and motifs mark a style that has returned as a font of inspiration for the Maison and is perceived in the latest collections from the 2017 season.

    A fascinating array of themes, symbols and meanings have been reexamined and redeveloped for the new Missoni Autumn 2017 Collection. A wardrobe conceived with precision that is articulated through essential and sensual forms, materials, colors and techniques. Silhouettes accentuate the body as seen in the frock coats and slim dresses, godet skirts or flared-hem trousers cut above the ankle and paired with short fitted knit-tailored jackets. Outfits are coordinated with double-breasted gilets, cardigans and polos or with turtlenecks in varying micro and macro patterns. Checks, vertical stripes, greek frets, space dyes or zigzags in a recurring range of graded shades alternate between cobalt and blue, white and black. Long evening wear ornamented with paillettes or ribbed lamé knits assembled in blocks are enriched, with their glimmering reflections and glamour, through this collections use of lace stitchings, fringed hems and intricate techniques that overlap and misalign to create textural depth.  

    Inflections of Missoni’s urban elegance serve as an homage to those legendary years on the banks of Paris’ Rive Gauche. Berets and gilets in style garçon, bouclé knit boots or stockings worn with men’s platform shoes inlayed with three different-colored leathers finish off the looks from this collection; along with vibrant basics, graphic tote bags and bracelets that evoke knitwear as an adorning element. Pairings are free, open to suggestive selection and personal combination of pattern and form. Effortless and casual do not exclude touches of exclusivity: outwear garments become unique pieces or limited editions that transcend fashion-such as intarsia patterns in colorful mink, astrakhan and shearling furs.