Small Thumbnails


    Spring 2014

    The multifaceted, elusive personality of today’s woman has transformed fashion into a way she can express and reveal herself. An interplay of evocations and personal interpretations, of tributes to the history of style and its most emblematic icons, of journeys through time and space, through geography and the imagination: this is the concept inspiring the Missoni Spring 2014 collection. It is a collection that alludes to French cinema and the natural, free and nonchalant elegance of actresses such as Jeanne Moreau and Brigitte Bardot, to the fresh and contemporary look of gingham and cotton, and the magical colours of sunny Provence in the spring. A metropolitan creature sensitive to nature, assertive and romantic at the same time, the Missoni Spring 2014 woman is defined by a wardrobe of sophisticatedly diverse choices, intentionally contradictory. They range from the sharp graphic contrasts of black and white to the softer permeation of black, white and colour, along with the interactions of patterns, overlays of raschel and tricot, and patterns of openwork and lined knits. Masculine elements are juxtaposed with super-feminine styles. The linear ensembles combine shirts coordinated with trousers, shorts, and maxi and mini shirts. And there are bolero jackets and knit tops, as well as coat-dresses. Plus body-hugging dresses, with all the movement of frothy, vibrant and sensual ruffles, pleats and plissé constructions. Low-heeled sandals are colourful and criss-crossed. New and comfy bauletto bags come in bright, sunny colours. Knit clutches feature a rigid metal hinge and handles. And then there are narrow-brimmed straw hats that define and complement the collection’s informal elegance. And everything is marked by the chromatic liaison of white, ivory and black, but with splashes of bright red, deep blue and melon yellow, and intermediate shades ranging from citron to mauve and orange to sage. Invariably marked by topstitched hems in black and white, each model is uncommonly fresh and light. Like a drawing that rises and moves in space.