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    Fall 2014

    Evocative of the futurist Fortunato Depero’s geometrized “Rotations of dancer and parrots”, and of the surrealist mysterious bird-like women painted by Max Ernst, the Missoni Fall 2014 collection is defined by the vibrant, fiery, shimmery silhouettes of dresses that hover, twirl and spin.

    Outfits that look luxurious and seductive like a plumage in motion, interlacing and interweaving graphic patterns, shades and iridescences. Spectacularly pulsing and endlessly redefining themselves in space.

    The dynamic whirls of pleats and ruffles, plumed stitches, feathery prints on silk, macramé lace over space-dyed knits, diagonal patterns and pulsing embroidered borders are matched with the withstand perfectly outlined cut of coats and jackets in leather or wool.

    Outwear as protective as a bird’s coat, with winged sleeves cut to the elbow that are marked by coexistences and interpenetrations of various fading shades. Exclusive knitting loom processing. Zig-zagged colorful borders of felt wool on calfskin.

    The vivid shades of yellow and blue, red and orange mix & matched with black, powder and white are evoking the polychrome ornithological world of cocks, parrots, peacocks and birds of Paradise.

    In a wardrobe which can be accessorized with long striped or space-dyed gloves and mittens in matching colours, embellished with colourful lush borders in fox or shaven mink. Wool caps with or without a pom-pom. High heels’ booties made in two-tones bands of patent leather and suede. Bauletto bag in black and powder calfskin printed with the vintage iconic Missoni logo print.