A POP’N’XOTIC FANTASY – The exotic magic of sari-sarongs. The informal and casual vibe of draping that flows liberally, adding movement to sleek dresses and looks. A taste of pop with bold colors, vivid images and magnifying of scales. Recollections of the logo.

Elements that co-exist in the style itineraries of a woman who loves to travel physically or fantastically and who conceives her wardrobe as a well-orchestrated mix of references, suggestions and experiences. New and memory of fashion.

A taste of the four elements – water, earth, fire and air – that tell of her harmonious relationship with nature. Woven knitwear that symbolizes her bond with the Missoni world. Recurring key themes declined in many variations – macro and micro, lace or allover prints on silk, cotton and nappa, coordinated to the knitwear. The interaction with an archival design that revisits the house’s logo to graphic effect.

Surface movement that hails from perforated lace intarsia, embossed embroidery and see-through sequins that intersect the light. Polychrome fringed bands co-live with the fluid consistency of the fabrics, setting off a repertoire of linear silhouettes.

Thigh-high slit pencil skirts cut below the knee that feature pleated borders in fluttering silk morph into sarongs. Shrunken shirts and jacket are cropped at the waist and alternated by oversize T-shirts. Knee length duster-cardigans are fastened by metallic knots. Soft pants cinch the ankle. Dresses gain movement thanks to one-shoulder constructions, asymmetrical hems, drapes. New volume on the sleeves.  Necklines enhanced by folded high knitted bands.

Graphic black-and-white effects counterpoint a pop palette of vibrant glossy hues spanning orange, pink, purple, turquoise and electric blue.
Looks that are complemented by a coordinated selection of sophisticated accessories, starting with low and high sandals with faceted heels and enriched with multicolor strings and metal knots.

Bangles are high in soft resin adorned with painterly insets in mesh knit or in dark metal and enamel. The new interpretation of  bags in soft calfskin and satin embossed or black and white logo. The Missoni sunglasses feature winged lenses and perforated bi-color frames.


Mariuccia Casadio