A BEAUTIFUL DREAMER – An evanescent look as impalpable as the refraction of light, an optical illusion, a fluorescent beam.

The colour that surfaces from within her ensemble illuminates the essence of the Missoni weaves and the transparencies of monochromatic black or white pieces.
Pure light brings three dimensions to the collage of fabrics and embroideries, highlights structures faceted like prisms and underscores construction, animating it with a kaleidoscopic variety of shades, from emerald to coral and cobalt.

The silhouette is that of a Japanese “anime” heroine. A creature from an animated movie who walks and moves in zero gravity wearing pure, linear pieces, enriched with precious intarsia work, that stand out in space and create their own aura. Long, knee-length and short dresses in organza and lacy knits are pervaded with appliqués patterns and three-dimensionalised prints, with dégradé tonal effects, and sequined holograms that overlay the colourful colours shading into each other, and holograms of sequins that overlay the colourful macro-intarsias of structured knit pieces.

Jackets in shaded suede and knit lace protect our heroine against intergalactic winds. Like tributes to the art of James Turrell, they complete the ensemble with crystal sprinkled ruffs. Plexi-glas visor-headbands project seductive “light effect” makeup on her face. Sandals vaunt cage-like ankle-bands. Big and little structured handbags in solids with shoulder straps sprinkled with colour. The Missoni Summer 2013 woman is transformed into a presence that radiates energy, a gentle creature who is also strong and decisive, bewitchingly inescapable: a mysterious intergalactic tourist who has landed on our planet.

Mariuccia Casadio